Withdraws and Return of Financial Aid

If a student stops attending ICC or officially provides notice to ICC that they are withdrawing from all courses, the Office of Student Financial Aid calculates a return of aid for Federal Student Aid for eligible students. Scholarships are not revoked within the same term--you will not have to pay back your ICC or ICC Foundation scholarship already disbursed for the the term. If your scholarship is not disbursed at the time of the withdrawal, the scholarship will not disburse after the withdrawal date.

Whether the Office of Student Financial Aid calculates a return of aid is based on your withdrawn status from the circumstances listed here:

Official Withdrawal from ICC

Students should submit their official notice of withdraw to ICC's Registrar Office by withdrawing from all courses. For a student who completes this official process, the date of withdraw is the date the students begins the prescribed withdrawal process as indicated by the date on the Withdrawal Request Form. 

Unofficial Withdrawal from ICC

Students who attempt, but do not earn any credits during their payment period (term/session) are considered to have unofficially withdrawn from ICC. The date of withdraw for these students is the last date of attendance at an academically-related activity as reported by instructional staff/faculty. If no attendance is reported for the student, the midpoint (50%) of the payment period will be used. 

Expulsion or Suspension

If a student suspended, expelled or otherwise withdrawn from courses by ICC, the date of withdraw for the student is considered to be the date enrollment was terminated for the student. 

Return of Aid Calculation

ICC utilizes the process prescribed by the U.S. Department of Education for determining whether ICC must return a portion of the student financial aid already disbursed; or if the student is entitled to a disbursement of aid after their withdraw.

Return of aid calculations are not applied to:

  • ​Students who only receive Federal Work Study monies; 

  • Students who never began attendance in any classes; or 

  • Students whom the institution cannot document at least one day of class attendance.


The Office of Student Financial Aid will complete the calculation and send the student notice of the results of the calculation if the student (1) has a return of Federal Student Aid greater than $0; or (2) is eligible for a post-withdraw disbursement of Federal Student Aid greater than $0. This calculation and notice are sent no more than 30 days from the date ICC determines the student has withdrawn. 

If a return of aid is required by the calculation, ICC will return the aid to the U.S. Department of Education no more than 45 days from the date ICC determines the student has withdrawn.

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