Costs to Attend

Tuition and Fees:
Effective Fall 2021

  • In-District: $142-$162/Credit Hour (Tuition: $64; Academic Fees: $48; Vocational Fees: $68; Facilities Fee: $10; Technology Fee: $10 Student Union & Security Fee: $10)

  • Out-of-District: $148-$168/Credit Hour (Tuition: $70; Academic Fees: $48; Vocational Fees $68; Facilities Fee: $10; Technology Fee: $10 Student Union & Security Fee: $10)

  • Border State/Out of State: $155-$175/Credit Hour (Tuition: $77; Academic Fees: $48; Vocational Fees $68; Facilities Fee: $10; Technology Fee: $10 Student Union & Security Fee: $10)

  • International: $239-$259/Credit Hour (Tuition: $161; Academic Fees: $48; Vocational Fees $68; Facilities Fee: $10; Technology Fee: $10 Student Union & Security Fee: $10) 


  • High School Students: ICC NOW Fee: $65/Credit Hour


Tuition is the per credit hour charge that helps fund the operational expenses of the college. Tuition covers: faculty & staff salaries, basic instructional supplies, utilities, and other operational expenses, and is charged to all students who enroll in classes at Independence Community College, Includes the use of textbooks. ICC offers a free text book loan program which excludes consumables. Books and supplies that are not reusable by the Independence Community College bookstore are considered consumable resources and subject to additional costs (include workbooks, online access codes, lab coats, etc.). The estimated costs of bookstore consumables are $100-$200, depending on the courses taken.

Fees are charged as Academic or Vocational. This means that the per credit hour charge helps fund for campus student activities, student organizations & clubs, scholarships funds, free entry to athletic events, and fine arts programs.

Facilities Fee (per credit hour): infrastructure maintenance and improvement
Technology Fee (per credit hour): Student Access and Upgrades to computers and computer labs on campus, Student Wi-Fi access, Pirate Portal (Grades, statement’s, schedules, unofficial transcripts), and CANVAS
Security & Student Union (per credit hour): Campus Security Personnel, Emergency notification system, and access and use of Student Union (games, activities, events)


High School Students enrolled in courses at ICC are charged the ICC NOW Fee, which includes the Academic & Vocational Fees and Innovation Fee



Room and Board:

  • Housing: $3100 or $4100/10- month lease
    • Captain Quarters/Bricks: $1550 per semester
    • Villas: $2050 per semester
  • Room Reservation Fee $250 per academic year
  • Summer Housing:
    • Captain Quarters/Bricks:$410 June; $410 July
    • Villas: $410 June; $410 July
  • Student Accident Insurance: $50 per semester
  • Meals: $1500 Per semester
    • Meal plan is not optional if living in the dorms. No exceptions will be made.
  • Summer Meals: $650 June; $650 July
  • Mid Semester Meals (8 weeks): $750 per semester
  • Intersession/Weekly Meals: $175 per week

Other Costs & Fees:

  • Student Health Fee: $85 per semester
  • Payment Plan Fee: $50 per term
  • Bad Address Fee: $10 per occurrence
  • Financial Aid Denial Notification (Certified Letter): $20 per occurrence
  • Return Check Fee: $30 Per occurrence
  • Student Athlete Fee: $50 per semester (Fall/Spring), $25 Summer
  • Football Equipment Fee: $100/term (Fall/Spring)
  • Graduation Fee: $30 per degree/certificate 
  • Collections Fee: 15%  
  • Administrative Fee: 2%
  • Student ID Replacement: $10 per ID


Estimated Cost for Books and Supplies:

  • ICC offers a textbook loan program through the ICC Bookstore
  • Per academic year spending on consumable books: $200

Estimated Cost for Transportation and Personal Expenses:

  • Per Academic Year: $2,000
  • Per Academic Year: $1,000


Transportation costs will vary depending on student's residence. Estimated costs for transportation and personal items are estimated at:

  • $2600 (on-campus out-of-district resident )
  • $2000 (off-campus)
  • $1000 (off campus in-district resident)

Students who fail to pay or set up a payment plan by the first day of class will be dropped from all classes. Please see Business Office and Payment Policy tab for further details. 

Variable Fees:

Student Accident Insurance
Flat charge mandatory for on-campus resident students; off-campus resident students may opt-in. Provides students with up to $3,000 medical coverage (deductible free) for on-campus accidents.

FEES NOT CHARGED BY ICC include: Late Registration, Printing, Lab, Parking, Library, Late Payment, or Online Fees

*Scholarships awarded by Independence Community College will NOT pay
for any fees or consumables incurred by the student*


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