Financial Aid Information

Students should follow these steps to complete the financial aid process with ICC:

  1. Apply for Admissions if you are a new student to ICC. You will receive electronic notification of your acceptance along with your Student ID Number.
  2. Apply for ICC Scholarships
  3. Complete the FAFSA
    • Students attending beginning 2022 fall sessions must complete the 2022-23 FAFSA
    • Students attending Summer 2023 sessions must complete the 2023-24 FAFSA
    • Student attending beginning 2023 fall sessions must complete the 2023-24 FAFSA
    • Transfer students should add ICC’s school code (001924) to their existing FAFSA
    • If you have not yet completed the FAFSA and want to estimate your finanicial aid, check out the Federal Student Aid Estimator Tool
  4. Submit all final transcripts to ICC. Final high school/GED transcripts should be sent to then ICC Registrar. Final college transcripts should be sent to the ICC Registrar. Any student wishing to be considered for Federal Student Aid must provide all official college transcript(s) regardless of whether the student earned credit from the institution they attended.
  5. Sign on to the ICC Online Financial Aid System
    • View and submit ‘My Required Documents’ (some documents may be uploaded directly through the system)
    • View and accept ‘My Awards’
    •  View your ‘Financial Aid Disclosure’
    • View financial aid disbursements
    • You can view instructions on how to access the Online Financial Aid System HERE
  6. Sign up for Direct Deposit (optional)
  7. Sign Privacy Release (optional)

Questions about the financial aid process? Contact our staff members:

ICC participates in a variety of financial aid programs to assist students with paying for the cost of attending college. ICC participates in and offers the following types of aid:

  1. Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  2. Kansas State Aid
  3. Aid to Veterans
  4. Institutional Aid
  5. Outside Aid
    • Third Party Payers
    • Vocational Rehab
    • Kansas Works
    • Outside scholarships (organizations, high schools, etc.)

Financial Aid & COVID-19 FAQs

This page is intended to keep students informed of the affect the on-going COVID-19 national emergency has on a student's current and future financial aid. As the situation develops, this page will be updated to reflect any changes by regulators and/or lawmakers. Please check this page frequently for updated information. (Rev. 2-22-2021).

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF; December 2020 Legislation). The second "stimulus bill" passed in December 2020 included additional Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds to ICC to distribut grant aid to its students. Student grants are awarded to eligible degree-seeking students who are enrolled at least half-time during the Spring 2021 term. You can view ICC's full awarding policy HERE. Students are asked to complete THIS online information and authorization request to help expedite the delivery of aid to students in the most efficient way possible. 

CARES Funding (March 2020 Legislation). The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) provides funding to ICC to issue to students as emergency aid to help students with educationally-related expenses incurred due to circumstances related to COVID-19. Students are encouraged to submit this form to our office electronically so we can evaluate your need and issue qualifying aid to you as soon as possible. Qualifying expenses include housing, food, transportation, technology, course materials, health care and child care. ICC's policy for awarding Emergency Grant Aid can be found HERE

To see how ICC students are benefiting from the CARES Emergency Grant Aid, view our report on ICC CARES funding and its recipients HERE

To see how ICC is utilizing CARES Institutional Funding to respond to COVID-19, view our Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting:

I need to withdraw from my course(s), how will that effect my current financial aid? If a student cannot complete their course(s), they may still use ICC’s withdraw process. Students can get the Withdrawal Request form from their Navigator; or students can request the Navigator withdraw them from their course(s). Based on the new CARES Act, if you must withdraw from your courses due to COVID-19, you will not have to return any of your financial aid that you have already received.

I need to withdraw from my course(s), how will that effect my future financial aid? If you withdraw from all of your courses due to COVID-19, ICC will not count those attempted credits as a part of your “Satisfactory Academic Performance” (SAP) review. This means the withdraws will not count against you for financial aid purposes. We must be able to document why you withdrew, so make sure you communicate with your Navigator in writing about your need to withdraw due to COVID-19.

What if I don’t withdraw, but fail my course(s)? Currently it is unclear if ICC must treat a grade of “F” versus a “W” differently for your SAP calculation; even if the “F” results from circumstances related to COVID-19. Because it is unclear at this point, we recommend students honestly assess their capability, and if circumstances due to COVID-19 will prevent you from being successful, then to withdraw by ICC’s deadline for full & second session courses (5/04/2020).

Can I still request financial aid (e.g., Pell grant, loans)? Yes, so long as you are a currently enrolled student and you are otherwise eligible, you may still request student loan(s) and/or complete the process to receive your grant aid. You should contact your financial aid counselor via email to make the request so that our office has the information in writing from you and we can notify you of any additional steps needed (if any).

Students should note that the CARES Act provides emergency grant aid to eligible students that will be managed and disbursed by ICC. See the first FAQ on this page for more information.

When will I receive my financial aid? The Office of Student Financial Aid and the Business Office are making every effort to maintain our published disbursement schedule, which can be viewed here. We disburse aid monthly, but are evaluating student need and will communicate with students directly if there is any change. Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit, if they have not already done so, to ensure you receive any refund in a timely manner. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, a check will be mailed to you at the permanent address on file with ICC. You may sign up for direct deposit by submitting this form.

This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.