Getting to know ICC's new Professor of Theatre

Getting to know ICC's new Professor of Theatre

With many excting theatre performances among us, we wanted to take some time to get to know the new guy that's playing a big part in making it all happen. 

Meet Erick Wolfe, ICC's new Professor of Theater. 

-Where were you and what were you doing before you came to ICC?

Erick: "Immediately before ICC, I was teaching at Central City Opera, located in Central City Colorado. It’s a two month opera training program, that works with graduate students and post graduate students who are working on developing their professional opera careers. Previously I was living in New Orleans for the past four years."

-Why did you choose to come to Independence, Kansas?

Erick: "Prior to living in New Orleans, I was born in Texas, and raised in Oklahoma, so Independence, Kansas was like coming home after spending so many years is large cities."

-What made ICC stand out to you?

Erick- "ICC stood out due to the focus on the students’ education and success. Each person I talked with always drew the conversation back to what we can do for our students. To me, this was a major difference to how other schools were operating."

-What’s your background in theater?

Erick- "I have been working professionally in theatre, film, television, opera, and ballet for over 20 years. I started working as a street performer and stunt performer, did a brief stint of 10 years of acting, then moved into directing, stunt coordination, and teaching.  I still work professionally as a stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, and director."

-Who is your all-time favorite actor/actress? 

Erick- "Of all time, I would have to say Buster Keaton. One of the best physical performers ever to grace the stage or screen, and an interesting fact about him is that he was born in Piqua, KS, about 55 miles north of Independence."

-Do you have a favorite play or movie? If so, why is it your favorite?

Erick- "Asking what my favorite play or movie is, is like asking a parent if they have a favorite child. Of course they do, but you don’t say it out loud. There are so many great plays, musicals, operas, and films it really is hard to choose. And there are great new ones being produced every year."

-What is ICC’s first theater performance of the year? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Erick- "Our first show of the season is Night of the Living Dead Live, a comedic tribute to the historic 1968 film and is the official authorized stage production of the film. Penned by Evil Dead The Musical’s Christopher Bond, along with Second City alums Dale Boyer and Trevor Martin, Night of the Living Dead Live goes beyond the film and explores burning questions made by die-hard fans, as our heroes try to survive the undead scourge."

"The play lovingly examines the film, the period it was made in and its undying influence on the horror genre. All the iconic moments from the film are hilariously re-visited, along with an entirely new journey for our beloved characters from the farmhouse. Packed with sfx, music and gore, Night of the Living Dead Live skirts the line between horrific and hysterical! Night of the Living Dead Live promises to deliver laughs as it tip toes through this era of social and political unrest."

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