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Areas of Study

Accounting is the 'language of business' and today's accountants exhibit a broad range of knowledge about all business. Accounting is a career path and not just a job. The skills learned in accounting can apply to any career choice. Accountants are financial planners, business managers, fraud investigators, and chief executive officers. An accounting degree can launch you into more business opportunities than other business-related degrees.

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Students seek degrees in Architectural Engineering Technology to learn the concepts and skills of drafting design and engineering. Architectural engineering combines all aspects of the building design and construction, involving mechanical, electrical and structural blueprints, calculations, and other notions of mathematical precision.

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Independence Community College’s Art Program offers students a vibrant and engaging environment for students who plan careers in art and those who are expanding their knowledge the visual world. Small class sizes offer students the classroom experience while allowing for one-on-one assistance if needed and plenty of space for creative growth.

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Independence Community College’s Athletic Training Program is designed to offer students a career specializing in the care and prevention of injuries for athletes. Perfect for the sports enthusiasts, this career also offers employment opportunities in industry. This allied health career focuses on the trainer being the first response to an accident or injury for initially diagnosing the damage and providing preventative measures to prevent further injury.

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Independence Community College’s Biology Program is a course of study organized around concepts and themes fundamental to an understanding of the nature of living organisms and their interactions with the environment and each other.

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The Business Administration Program is a flexible, practical educational offering for anyone who wants to learn the employer requested skills and is ready to enter the corporate world. The Associate of Science Degree program prepares students for positions in everything from intermediate or top-level management.

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Communications professionals play an important role in the information economy. News media, business marketing, and entertainment are just a few of the industries that offer career opportunities in this field.

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The Computer Information Systems specialists and management professionals design, build, and implement software solutions and are the driving force in every kind of business today. Computer Information Systems (CIT) personnel analyze existing systems and discover new ways to optimize their performance for business and industry. Significant job growth is expected in this and all computing fields over the next several years and there’s never been a better time to get the training in this exciting profession.

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The Computer Information Technology is the perfect program for people interested in the joining the ever-changing world of computers. Computer Information Techs are involved in creating and maintaining the technologies the world has come to rely on.

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Computer Programming continues to be an expanding field and viable career choice as individuals and businesses seek technology-based solutions to everyday problems, computer programmers help tailor programs to suit clients’ specific needs.

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Majoring in Computer Science gives a student a foundation of basic computer knowledge then leads them on to the finer points of office software, introductory programming, and networking. Virtually every organization, from small non-profits to government agencies and large corporations, needs capable technical support in all their departments. The field encompasses a wide variety of occupations, from entry-level programmer to Chief Information Officer, and demand is strong for qualified professionals at every level.

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ICC's Conflict Resolution Certificate Program provides its students with practical knowledge and training in conflict analysis and resolution, mediation, negotiation, peacebuilding, arbitration, group facilitation, and crisis management. The program actively incorporates intensive course sessions, lecture, seminars, and role-play in real and simulated situations to prepare students to utilize conflict analysis and resolution approaches in their work in a variety of fields. The Certificate Program is specifically designed for students and mid-career professionals to train them in conflict analysis and resolution theory, research, and practical techniques relevant to their focused area of study or work. The certification in conflict resolution is open to students or mid-career professionals seeking a certificate degree alone, as well as to students enrolled in an Associate's degree program.

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Earning an Associate of Science Degree in the area of Construction Engineering Technology can lead a graduate to rewarding career in many different job markets. Construction firms, supply manufacturers, departments of transportation, and the oil industry seek these trained professionals to assist with the design, development, and management of construction processes.

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Cosmetology is an exciting career that can open many doors beginning with working in a salon but also including stage, pageant, film, and print work. At Independence Community College the Cosmetology Program provides vocational training for men and women interested in preparing themselves for employment by providing a solid foundation in the art and discipline of hair care and design.

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A two-year associate's degree in Criminal Justice can qualify a student for a number of careers including correctional officer, private investigator, police officer, and crime scene investigator. Criminal justice degrees emphasize the study of evidence collection, forensic analysis and criminal psychology.

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The field of Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology is for people interested in drafting layouts and building plans. Graduates have the knowledge and skills to pursue a wide variety of employment opportunities in the design and construction industry, can visualize the way a design could look and manufacture that design for others. Careers in this field of study include Mechanical Drafter, CAD Operator, Electrical Designer, and Aerospace Designer.

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The Early Childhood Education Program prepares students for the workplace with careers as early childhood center administrators, preschool lead or assistant teachers, after school program coordinators, family home child care providers, and professional nannies.

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An elementary education teacher helps children learn basic developmental skills and is a wonderful career choice for the individual who loves children, believes in education and is ready to give everything to their career.

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Millions of lives have been saved by the quick reactions and competent care of Emergency Medical Technicians. Known as EMTs, these first responders assess the nature of the patient’s condition at the scene of an accident, violent crime, heart attack, stroke or natural disaster. EMTs work where people require immediate medical attention. They assess, stabilize and provide ongoing care to the patient while transporting them to a hospital via ambulance or helicopter.

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Earning an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science degrees in the area of Engineering Technology can open a world of opportunities. Successful students develop the skills necessary to be employed as draftsmen in many technical areas such as architectural, industrial, civil and structural design and drafting.

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There are many educational opportunities available for someone interested in majoring in English and job opportunities include everything from being an editor or a freelance writer to a university professor specializing in creative writing.

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Most people learn about running a small business the hard way, over the course of a long period of time. In the Entrepreneur/Small Business Management Program, the goal is to shorten the learning curve for the student by offering relevant courses that help them reach their potential as aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Most people learn about running a small business the hard way, over the course of a long period of time. In the Entrepreneur/Small Business Management Certificate Program the knowledge needed for success is arriving on the fast track. The program goal is to shorten the learning curve for the student by offering relevant courses that help them reach their potential as aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Cultures and economies across the globe are becoming increasingly intertwined as the world continues to change and people who know with multiple languages are being exposed to new and exciting career opportunities.

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The Associate of General Studies Degree is intended to enable students to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, and a greater philosophical appreciation for life-long learning.

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The following four-semester plan is intended for those interested in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation program.

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What sort of careers do history majors find once their education is complete? The truth is that ultimately many people work in industries with little direct connection to the field of history itself. These graduates offer employers their solid writing and research ability, their talent for making an original argument and their critical thinking skills in exposing the weaknesses is someone else’s assumptions. The skillset that historians develop has wide applications in business, industry and government. For example, the CIA, Pentagon and State Department need experts in the humanities who understand the cultures and traditions of foreign countries. Many businesses with international interests have similar needs.

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The Associate of Arts or Science Degree in Liberal Studies is a program that allows the student an opportunity to explore courses and define their interests while receiving the general education instruction that will be required for continuing their education or preparing for employment. This program is a great choice for students who are undecided about their educational goals and need an opportunity to explore their interests.

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A Certificate in Long-Term Care Management is designed to prepare students to meet the needs of the rapidly aging and long-lived population. Employment opportunities for people with a strong desire to help others and a genuine concern for the welfare of patients and clients are expected to continue to grow as life expectancies rise.

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Manufacturing Engineering Technology is a program that trains students to work in industries engaged in plant design, machine and tool design, robotics and industrial automation. Program completers could also be employed in computer-integrated manufacturing in production, design, research and development, project management, quality control, or technical sales.

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Manufacturing Skills Training is an occupational training and enhancement program designed to prepare students for entry-level positions on a variety of manufacturing floors. The program originated as a means to help current and future manufacturing employees strengthen their skills while meeting the needs of area industry who have openings but are seeking employees with a skill level that the employment market may not be currently meeting.

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Mathematics is a universal science and a key component of a liberal arts education. It is a critical tool for technological advancement and practical problem-solving in a complex natural and social world. The major provides training in logic and critical thinking, and helps students gain mastery level skills in calculus, algebra, geometry, statistics, and computer programming.

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Mechanical Engineering Technology produces the technicians that assist engineers with the designing, testing and development of products and equipment in the workforce. Many will work in the design and development of products, machines and processes, while others will be involved in manufacturing, operations and technical sales. Employment opportunities include transportation, power generation, food handling, climate control, machine design, manufacturing, materials and automation.

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Earning a degree in Music Education or Music Performance can open a world of opportunities for students with careers that range from teaching piano to being a star. The Associate of Arts Degree in Music is a two-year program designed to transfer to music programs in the four-year colleges and universities.

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Physical science is the study of non-living systems and phenomena, in a variety of fields such as geology, inorganic chemistry, and physics. An associate's degree in physical science is excellent preparation for taking on a four-year degree focused more heavily in one of the specific fields.

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Independence Community College’s Pre-Nursing Degree offers a solid preparatory curriculum of general education courses for students planning to enter the field of nursing. The purpose of the program is to prepare students for the rigorous practical nursing programs by training them in cognitive, technical, interpersonal, and communication skills.

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A secondary education teacher works with middle and high school aged students and usually teaches a specific subject such as math, history, science, or English. Teaching at the secondary level is a wonderful career choice for the individual who thrives on sharing knowledge, believes in education, wants to be a part of shaping young adults, and is ready to give everything to their career.

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The Social Science Degree is one of the broadest categories of study and is ideal for students who aren't quite sure what they want to do in their professional life. Social Science is the umbrella term used to group the academic disciplines that study human aspects of the world. It differs from the arts and humanities in that they tend to emphasize the use of the scientific method in the study of humanity.

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Earning a degree in Theatre Arts can open a world of opportunities for students with careers that range from teaching to being a star. The Associate of Arts Degree in Theatre is a two-year program designed to transfer to theatre programs in the four-year colleges and universities.

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Veterinary Technicians are the ‘nurse practitioners’ of the animal health care industry. They assist with day-to-day functions in animal clinics, research facilities, zoos, and wildlife facilities and, working under the supervision of a licensed Vet, provide support for all aspects of animal care.

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The following provides a four-semester plan intended for students interested in an Associate of Applied Science degree or Technical Certificate in Web Design and Development.

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The demand for woodworking in the job market is expected to increase by over six percent through 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry into the field typically requires training or apprenticeship. ICC can help you prepare for this rewarding field learning from experienced instructors and getting real world experience you'll need to succeed in one of constructions most challenging fields.

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