Dr. Mona Saleh

Dr. Mona Saleh

Professor of Physical Science

Courses taught:

  • Physical Science, traditional and online
  • College Physics I and II
  • Engineering Physics I and II
  • Descriptive Astronomy class, traditional and online
  • College Algebra
  • Calculus I
  • Trigonometry

 ICC Solar Telescope
 A star party for ICC students and staff to observe the passage of Mercury in front of the Sun (transit of Mercury), Nov. 2006


ICC Observatory
There are two buildings located south east of the ICC campus.  There is an 8" refractor telscope which was donated to the college by Esh family and the observatory is named after the family member who donated it.  The second telescope is a  10" Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector telescope.    


 This facility is used to benefit the ICC campus as well as the community.  Many groups from the community visit the observatory to learn more about the night sky.  Some of the star parties that took place are:

  • Nov. 2016, an event organized by independence children librarian, Charlene Mitchel, to observe the moon, Venus, Mars and other deep sky objects.  Dr. D. Barwick, ICC president, Mr. M. Baldassaro, a community amateur astronomer, and I, Dr. M. Saleh brought our telescopes in addition to the library's telescope for the community to enjoy.  Simultaneously, there was activities for the children to stay busy while waiting in line to observe the dark sky objects.
  • Feb. 2009, Three Saturdays of community stargazing celebrating NASA exibit which is was taking place in Independence public library. 
  • April 2008, ICC Campus star party to observe Saturn
  • May 14th, 2007, Caney scouts pack visited to learn about the constellations Orion and Cassiopeia and to observe Saturn and Mars
  • Oct. 13th, 2006.  Washington county science club visited to observe Jupiter
  • Nov. 19th, 2005, Caney scouts pack visited to observe Venus and to learn how to locate the different constellations in the dark sky.


  •   Ph.D.:  KAISERSLAUTERN UNIVERSITY, Kaiserslautern, Germany (1993)
  •   M.S.: ALEXANDRIA UNIVERSITY, Alexandria, Egypt (1986) http://www.alex.edu.eg/
  • B.S.: ALEXANDRIA UNIVERSITY, Alexandria, Egypt  (1980)

 Teaching Experience

Research Areas

II-VI nanostructures embedded in a Glass Matrix 

Silicon Solar Cells.


  1.  Authored, “Nonlinear Optical properties of II-VI Semiconductor Quantum Dots”,  A. Uhrig, M. Saleh, C. Klingshirn, Neuroth, K Remitz and B. Speit, Proc. EuropeanWorkshop on Optical Information Technology (Woit). S. D. Smith and R. F. NealeEds., Springer, Berlin (1993) p133

 2.  Authored, “Nonlinear Optical Properties and Carrier Relaxation of CdSSe Quantum Dots in Glasses”, Uhrig, A. Worner, W. Langbein, U. Woggon, S. Gaponenko, M.  Saleh, O. Wind, H. Kalt and C. Klingshirn, Proc. 21st Intern. Conf. Phys.  Semicond., Beijin (1992), Ping Jiang and Hou-Zhi edts. p.1379, World Scientific Singapore

 3.  Authored, “Nonlinear Optical Properties of Semiconductor Quantum Dots and their  Correlation with the Precipitation Stage”, S.V. Gaponenko, U. Woggon, M. Saleh, W.Langbein, A. Uhrig M. Muller and C. Klingshirn,J. Opt. Soc. Am. 10,1947 (1993)

 4.  Authored, “CdS Quantum Dots in the Weak Confinement”, U. Woggon, M. Saleh, A. Uhrig, M. Portune and C. Klingshirn, J. of Cryst. Growth 138 (1994) 988-992                    

 Contribution to conference without proceedings:

 1.  Authored, “Herstellung und Optische Eigenschaften von Halbleiterndotierten  Glaesern”, M. Saleh, O. Wind, H. Giessen, A. Uhrig, C. Klingshirn and H. Remitz,  Veranlg.   DPG (German Physical Society) VI 27, HL 6.1 (1992)

  2.  Authored, “II-VI Quantum Dots - Correlation between Preparation and Optical Properties”, M. Saleh, U. Woggon, A. Uhrig, W. Langbein and C. Klingshirn, Verhanlg. DPG 5/1993 (Europhysics Conf. Abstr. 17A) SC 1.52 

 3.  Authored, “CdS Quantum Dots in the Weak Confinement Case”, U. Woggon, M. Saleh, A. Uhrig and C. Klingshirn, 6th Inter. Conf. on II-VI Compounds and Related Optoelectronic Materials, Newport. RI, USA Sep. 1993, J. Crystal Growth 138 (1994)

  Other Professional Interests / Affiliations: 

  • Observational session 3/30/15:  solar flare and sun spots
  • Kansas Core Outcomes Group, oct. 2014
  • Kansas Core Outcomes Group, oct. 2013
  • Oct. 2013 AAPT meeting,  El Dorado KS
  • 2012 AAPT meeting, North Western Oklahoma State University - Enid, OK
  • Kansas Core Outcomes Group, oct. 2012
  • Aug. 2011 AAPT summer meeting, Omaha, NE
  • Textbook reviewer (astronomy and physics)
  •  Meeting of KAO, Kansas Astronomical Observers, 10/14/2010 
  •  "Kansas Green Energy Summit", April 2010
  •  "teaching Professor Conference, May 2010
  • Worked together with Independence Public Library hosting NASA exhibit celebrating 400 years of astronomy, spring 2009
  •  Feb. 2008, judge at LCC Science Fair
  • Advisor of ICC Multicultural Student Organization, MSO, beginning fall 2007 - 2009.
  • Summer AAPT meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina, held August 27 - September 01, 2007.

  • April 17th - 19th, 2006: Field trip to Johnson Space Center in Houston TX.  The trip was sponsered by a community member, Mr. Woods.  The group consisted of:

    • Mailyn Graham, extended learning coordinator for USD 461 and 484 and a distinguished student of hers: Sara Gudde; a student at Neodesha High school

    • Mona Saleh, Professor at ICC together with a distiguished physical science student; David Ferguson.

  • Chautauqua summer school on Teaching Introductory Astronomy held May 26-28, 2005.

  • 2004 spring meeting of Indiana American Association of Physics Teachers “INAAPT”

  • Member of the American Association of Physics Teachers, AAPT 2004-2009.  http://www.aapt.org

  • Chairwoman, American Business Center, Alexandria, Egypt; 1996 to 1999

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II.  Astronomy

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