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Club Indy Pirates

 Club practice will be Thursday December 11, 2014 at 6:30pm at ICC Field House

Pracetice Date:

Dec. 17 6:30-8pm @ ICC Field House 

Dec. 29 11:30-1pm @ ICC Field House

Dec. 30 11:30-1pm @ ICC Field House 

Dec. 31 11:30-1pm @ ICC Field House


Registration Process

  1. Go to www.hoavb.org, then click on Registration
  2.  If you played last year or have played for USAV then click “Past HOA member needing a Web point Username” Follow directions. Then go back and logon wit web point username.
  3.  After logon process, fill out the registration form and make payment via credit card. Registration forms are no longer sent to the Region office since the registration form is done online.
  4.  Make Payment
  5.  Print membership card – take with you to “Open Gyms” and “Tryouts”

     If you are a new member and didn’t play last year – click “Never been an HOA member” then follow logon with web point username and follow steps 3-5


If you have any questions feel free to call me at my cell # 785-230-9333 or email tfloyd@indycc.edu