ICC Residence Life

ICC Living Options

What do I need so I can move in?

  • $150 room reservation fee and a $50 activity/event fee
  • Room Reservation/ Personal Information Sheet
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of meningitis vaccination or signed waiver
  • Housing Contract
  • Health Form
  • Health Insurance Disclosure/Missing Student Form
  • Completed Financial Aid and/or payment plan with Business Office on file

ICC Apartment Buildings

What is the fee used for?

A $200 fee is required to reserve your room, which includes a $150 room reservation fee and a $50 non-refundable activity fee. The $200 must be submitted with a housing contract for a room to be reserved for the upcoming year. When the student moves in, the $150 room reservation fee will be credited to their dorm bill.

What are the living options?

Captain's Quarters

Suite Style: The Captain's Quarters offers 2 double occupancy bedrooms for 4 people with one shared bathroom. Each room includes a private closet, desk and bed.

Pirate Bay Villas

Suite Style: The Villas offers 4 bedroom 2 bathroom suites with private bedrooms for each student. These fully furnished suites include in-suite kitchenettes with a mini fridge and sink, bed and desk in the bedroom as well as a couch in the living room.

Bricks Units

Each unit has four double occupancy rooms, a bathroom and a small living room.

Do I have to pay for cable, internet or phone?

Every room has a cable outlet with basic cable (62 channels) and two Ethernet connections are provided at no additional charge.

If a student wishes they may have phone jacks provided in their room. However, students are responsible for phone hookup fees and monthly charges through Southwestern Bell. (Brick Units do not have phone jacks.) Many students prefer to arrange for cellular phone service through their local provider.

Can I choose my own roommate?

Students can choose their roommate. However, both students need to indicate on the Roommate Matching form who they want as a roommate. Choice of roommate is not guaranteed. No roommate changes are allowed for the first two weeks.

ICC Student Roommate Options


Please contact Mary Bailey at 620.332.5413 or housing@indycc.edu for further information.