Woodworking Certificate Program

The demand for woodworkers in the job market is expected to increase by over six percent through 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry into the field typically requires some type of training or apprenticeship.

Independence Community College’s Woodworking Certificate Program is an 18-credit hour training program designed for the woodworking enthusiast.  Instruction develops the student’s skill in the use of woodworking machines, tools, materials and processes.  

In Woodworking I, students acquire the basic knowledge and safe habits in the use of hand and power tools. Methods of construction and finishing are also studied.  Woodworking II develops the student’s skill in the use of machines, tools, materials and processes while focusing on good habits and attitudes of safety. In this course the student will learn to design, plan and construct useful articles of wood and other materials. 

Additional coursework includes Woodworking with Power Tools, Furniture Refinishing, a woodworking elective, and the popular Woodworking Practicum, where students get supervised hands-on work experience in the industry. 

If you would like more information about the Woodworking Certificate Program at Independence Community College, contact:

Travis Githens, Director of Outreach Education

(620) 332-5420


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Degree: Certificate

Course Title Credit Hours

Woodworking I - 3

Woodworking II - 3

Woodworking with Power Tools - 3

Woodworking Elective* - 3


  • Recommended Elective: Computer-Aided Drafting Application Problem Solving


Furniture Refinishing - 3

Woodworking Practicum - 3


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