Elementary Education  

An elementary education teacher helps children learn basic developmental skills and is a wonderful career choice for the individual who loves children, believes in education and is ready to give everything to their career. 

Independence Community College’s two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree prepares students with coursework in educational theory, early- and later-elementary teaching methodologies, human growth and development, and classroom management. 

The program is for students who want to work in public schools and pre-elementary teaching positions.  An associate degree prepares students for transfer into bachelor's-degree programs or employment as teacher aides. 

Independence Community College’s education programs are closely aligned with four-year college and university programs.  ICC has two-plus-two programs with leading universities where all the transferring student’s associate-degree credits apply to the first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education programs. 

If you would like more information about the Elementary Education Program at Independence Community College, contact:

Professor Eva Harkness

(620) 332-5428



Elementary Education (EDU)

Degree: Associate of Science

Suggested Four-Semester Plan


First Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

English Composition I - 3 

Introduction to Education - 3 

Supervised Classroom Experience - 1 

College Algebra - 3 

General Psychology - 3 

Computer Concepts & Applications - 3 

Term Total 16


Second Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

English Composition II - 3 

Developmental Psychology - 3 

Children’s Literature - 3 

Art Appreciation - 3 

Music Appreciation - 3

Introduction to Sociology - 3 

Term Total 18 


Third Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

Public Speaking - 3 

Music for Elementary Schools - 3 

Teaching Children with Special Needs - 3 

General Biology - 5 

American Government - 3 

Term Total 17


Fourth Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

Arts/Humanities Elective* - 3 

Art for Elementary Schools - 3 

Physical Science - 5 

Arts/Humanities Elective* - 3 

Social/Behavioral Science Elective* - 3 

Term Total 17



*See Courses that meet General Education Graduation Requirements for a list of courses meeting the math/science, arts/humanities, and social/behavioral science requirements.

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