Criminal Justice  

A two-year associate's degree in Criminal Justice can qualify a student for a number of careers including correctional officer, private investigator, police officer, and crime scene investigator. Criminal justice degrees emphasize the study of evidence collection, forensic analysis and criminal psychology.  

At Independence Community College, the Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice emphasizes the study of motivational factors involved in criminal psychology and behavior, sociological theories, criminal profiling, and crime analysis.  Students also complete general education courses in areas like psychology and communication.  ICC’s smaller class sizes offer students more instructor contact, individualized attention, and higher rates of success. 

Some careers in the criminal justice field require a bachelor’s degree in the field or an equivalent degree in a field like police science or forensic psychology.  ICC’s two-year Associate of Science Degree program in Criminal Justice is a solid transfer program for the student seeking a bachelor’s degree in the field at a four-year college or university.  

If you would like more information about the Criminal Justice Program at Independence Community College, contact:

Professor Ben Seel

(620) 332-5426



Criminal Justice

Degree: Associate of Science

Suggested Four-Semester Plan


First Semester

Course Title Credit Hours

English Composition I - 3

College Algebra - 3

Introduction to Sociology - 3

Elective - 3

Introduction to Criminal Justice - 3 

Term Total 15 


Second Semester

Course Title Credit Hours

English Composition II - 3

Public Speaking - 3

General Psychology - 3 

Arts/Humanities Elective* - 3

Biological Science Elective* - 5 

Term Total 17


Third Semester

Course Title Credit Hours

Physical Science Elective* - 5

Introduction to Criminal Behavior - 3

Elective - 3

American Government - 3

U. S. History Elective - 3

Term Total 17 


Fourth Semester

Course Title Credit Hours

Arts/Humanities Elective* - 3

Introduction to Literature - 3

Computer Concepts & Applications or Computer Information Systems - 3

Social/Behavioral Science Elective* - 3

Elective** - 3

Term Total 15 

Total 64


*See Courses that meet General Education Graduation Requirements for a list of courses meeting the math/science, arts/humanities, and social/behavioral science requirements. 


**Recommended Electives: 

Course Title Credit Hours 

Abnormal Psychology - 3 

Social Problems - 3

Foreign Languages - 3

Interpersonal Communication - 3

Ethics - 3

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