Construction Engineering Technology  

Earning an Associate of Science Degree in the area of Construction Engineering Technology can lead a graduate to a rewarding career in many different job markets. Construction firms, supply manufacturers, departments of transportation, and the oil industry seek these trained professionals to assist with the design, development, and management of construction processes. 

The following is a general course of study for students pursuing an Associate of Science Degree in the area of Construction Engineering Technology, and as such will need to be adjusted for specific situations. Due to specific requirements for transfer to four-year institutions, and to make a best effort for needs of individual students, each student's best interests will be served through proper advising/counseling in the ICC Engineering Technology Department. Courses of study can be individulally tailored through departmental counseling. Many other courses listed in this catalog are suitable for specific situations.

A degree in Construction Engineering Technology can easily transfer to a four-year institution.  Students wanting to transfer need to be aware of the specific requirements for transfer and seek advising/counseling in ICC’s Engineering Technology Department.

If you would like more information about the Construction Engineering Technology Program at Independence Community College, contact:

Professor Kevin O’Neill

(620) 332-5446



Construction Engineering Technology

Degree: Associate of Science

Suggested Four-Semester Plan

First Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours 

English Composition I - 3

Physical Science - 5 

College Algebra or higher - 3

Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting - 3

Computer Concepts & Applications or Computer Information Systems - 3

Term Total 17 


Second Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

English Composition II - 3

Manufacturing Processes and Materials - 3

Arts/Humanities Elective* - 3

Engineering Graphics I - 3

Computer Aided Drafting 2D - 3 

Residential Drafting & Planning - 3

Term Total 18


Third Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours 

Biological Science Elective* - 5

Social/Behavioral Science Elective* - 3

Introduction to Technology Systems - 3

Computer Aided Drafting 3D - 3

Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication - 3

Term Total 17


Fourth Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours 

Arts/Humanities Elective* - 3

Social/Behavioral Science Elective* - 3

CAD: Application Problem Solving - 3

Architectural Detailing - 3

Term Total 12 



*See Courses that meet General Education Graduation Requirements for a list of courses meeting the math/science, arts/ humanities, and social/behavioral science requirements.

**See Program Advisor.

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