Computer Science

Majoring in Computer Science gives a student a foundation of basic computer knowledge then leads them on to the finer points of office software, introductory programming, and networking.  Virtually every organization, from small non-profits to government agencies and large corporations, needs capable technical support in all their departments.  The field encompasses a wide variety of occupations, from entry-level programmer to Chief Information Officer, and demand is strong for qualified professionals at every level.

 The Computer Science Program at Independence Community College is one of the best areas of study because it gives the student the skills necessary to enter the job market in Computer Science or continue to build on their skills.  

The program provides all the basic courses for transfer to a four-year college or university and is intended to meet the requirements of the first two years of a sequence of courses leading to the Bachelor Degree.  

Students graduating with this degree go on to major in Computer Science, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Physics, or even Atmospheric Sciences.


Computer Science (CSE)

Degree: Associate of Science

Suggested Four-Semester Plan


First Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

English Composition I 3

Microeconomics 3 

College Algebra or higher 3

Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting 3

Computer Concepts & Applications OR

Computer Information Systems 3

Term Total 15 


Second Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours 

English Composition II 3 

Communication Elective* 3 

Biological Science Elective* 5 

Programming Language Elective** 3 

Arts/Humanities Elective* 3 

Term Total 17 


Third Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours 

Social/Behavioral Elective* 3 

Arts/Humanities Elective* 3 

Physical Science Elective* 5 

Systems Analysis and Design 3 

Program Elective** 3 

Term Total 17 


Fourth Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours 

Program Elective** 3

Program Elective** 3 

Accounting I 3 

Social/Behavioral Elective* 3

Macroeconomics 3 

Term Total 15 



Suggested Program Electives: 

(Students must complete at least eight (8) credit hours)

Course Title Credit Hours 

Programming Language** 3 

Calculus I 5 

Elementary Statistics 3

Calculus II 5


*See Courses that meet General Education Graduation Requirements for a list of courses meeting the math/science, arts/humanities, and social/behavioral science requirements.


**See Program Advisor


If you would like more information about the accounting program at 

Independence Community College,
Contact Professor Tamara Kessler 

(620) 332-5604


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