Athletic Training Program

They two year program of study in Athletic Training at ICC is designed for students who are interested in an allied health care profession specialized in the health care of athletes. ICC student athletic trainers will gain valuable athletic training knowledge and skills through both academics and practical experiences.

When not directly dealing with an injury in the workplace or on the playing field, athletic trainers often work to educate people on how to avoid common injuries such as sprains, strains and other job or sports related injuries.

Independence Community College offers an Associate of Science Degree in Athletic Training with an emphasis in sports medicine, emergency care, and injury prevention. ICC student trainers receive valuable academic instruction as well as practical experience and hands-on-training through involvement with the college’s sports teams.  

If you would like more information about the Athletic Training Program at Independence Community College, contact:

Raechal Martin, Head Athletic Trainer
(620) 332-5607


Jay Jones, Assistant Athletic Trainer
(620) 332-5482



Athletic Training

Degree: Associate of Science

Suggested Four-Semester Plan


First Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

English Composition I - 3 

General Biology - 5 

Introduction to Athletic Training - 3

First Aid: Responding to Emergencies - 3 

Practicum in Athletic Training I - 2 

Term Total 16 


Second Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

English Composition II - 3 

College Algebra or higher - 3 

General Psychology - 3 

Anatomy & Physiology - 5 

Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries - 3 

Term Total 17 


Third Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

Personal & Community Health or Nutrition - 3 

General Chemistry - 5 

Medical Terminology - 3 

Art/Humanities Elective* - 3 

Practicum in Athletic Training II - 2 

Term Total 16


Fourth Semester:

Course Title Credit Hours

Social/Behavioral Science Elective* - 3 

Arts/Humanities Elective* - 3 

Functional Kinesiology - 3 

Public Speaking - 3 

Computer Concepts & Applications or Computer Information Systems - 3 

Term Total 15 



*See Courses that meet General Education Graduation Requirements for a list of courses meeting the math/science, arts/humanities, and social/behavioral science requirements.

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