Welcome International Students

Bitaem.  Dobrodosli.  Benvingut.  Velkommen.  Tervetuloa. 歡迎光臨.  Willkommen.  Bienvenue.  Aloha.  Selamat dating.  Benvenuto.  환영합니다.  Bem-vindo.  Добро пожаловать.  Ласкаво просимо.

International students are welcome at Independence Community College. An I-20 form will be issued and the student will be accepted at ICC upon receipt of an application for admission, official transcripts received from the high school or other schools attended, statement of financial support, and a non-refundable application/processing fee of $100.00. Applications will be considered on an individual basis, but the following specific conditions must be completed before an I-20 form will be issued:

1)  Candidates must submit an application form to the Admissions Office along with a non- refundable application/processing fee of $100.00.

2)  Submit an official TOEFL score of at least 500 PBT, 173 CBT or 61 IBT. Admissions may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If the applicant has a TOEFL score of 480 PBT, 157 CBT or 54 IBT the applicant can be admitted to ICC but will be required to enter into ESL. A student may also gain entry if they demonstrate successful completion of at least one semester of English proficiency. (For more information about the TOEFL, go to http://www.toefl.org.)

3)  Candidates must submit a statement of financial support indicating they have adequate funds of $14,000 or more to pay for one year of college.

4)  Candidates must submit an official high school transcript.

5)  International students must submit admission materials to the Admission Office by July 1 for the fall semester, November 1 for the spring semester and May 1 for the summer semester. International students will be classified as nonresidents and will be required to pay international tuition and fees. International students will also be required to take a TB skin test within one week of arrival. The cost of the TB skin test will be the students’ responsibility.

All previous transcripts must be evaluated prior to credits being accepted by a professional evaluation service. All new students are required to take an assessment test before enrolling in courses. Depending on the results of the placement test, international students will be required to enroll in the appropriate courses according to the placement policy. International students wanting to transfer credit to ICC from a foreign college are required to provide the Registrar’s Office with a certified English translation of their transcript. This evaluation must be completed on a course-by-course basis through an organization recognized by The National Association of Foreign Student Educators (NAFSE). Students are responsible for all fees involved in having the evaluation completed.

Youth For Understanding
Youth For Understanding is a student program which places international students in the United States to study for a year.

Youth For Understanding provides young people with the educational experience of participating in a family, community college and community abroad so that they may gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives, increase their sensitivity to cultural differences and similarities and develop a deepened awareness of shared human values and interests.