Institutional Research

Assessment at ICC doesn’t end in the classroom, the Office of Institutional Research (IR) serves the campus through data collection and research for internal improvement and external accountability.  From nationally normed surveys to in house compilations, ICC collects indirect measures of student engagement, learning, and satisfaction from a variety of resources.  Student success measures are collected annually through both the Integrated Postsecondary Database (IPEDS) and through the National Community College Benchmarking Project (NCCBP).  For more complete information, select a link below to view the IR Office’s most recent data report.

Institutional Assessment

  • 2014-2016 Independence Community College Assessment Plan
  • Gainful Employment Disclosure
  • ICC IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2015
  • ICC Scorecard 

Student Engagement

  • Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)

Student Learning

  •  IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction 

Student Satisfaction

Graduate Exit Survey

 Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey

Student Success

  •  Graduation and Transfer-out rates for Students receiving athletically related student financial aid
  • Graduation, Transfer-Out, and Retention Rates: 2016


The Office of Institutional Research (IR) serves the campus through data collection and research for internal improvement and external accountability.

Accreditation: The IR Director serves the campus as both the Accreditation Liaison Officer and the Secretary for the College’s AQIP Steering Committee.  For more information regarding Independence Community College’s accreditation processes, please visit the Accreditation page »

Assessment: The IR Office is a campus resource for a variety of assessment activities including annual departmental review, student learning outcomes assessment, and academic program review.  The IR Director is the College’s Unit Administrator for Tk20, a learning outcomes assessment management system.  For more information regarding Independence Community College’s assessment of student and stakeholder learning outcomes, please visit the Assessment page »
Integrity of Research: Independence Community College employees wishing to conduct a research study with human subjects at the Exempt level must complete and submit the document below to Deborah A. Phelps, Director of Institutional Research, Instiitutional Review Board Chair. The ICC IRB's membership is composed of the Chief Academic Officer, the Registrar, the Director of Institutional Research, and the Institutional Research Assistant.
Important Definitions:
  • Research: a systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge, or investigation designed to test a hypothesis. 
  • Human Subject: Living individual(s) about whom an investigator conducting research obtains: (1) data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or (2) identifiable private information. (Paraphrased from 45 CFR 46) Please Note: Special guidelines apply to children included in research classified as Exempt.
  • Research Study: Types of research and data collection methodologies that present minimal risk to subjects. Risk is minimized through anonymity of responses or through the use of non-invasive methodologies that will not harm subjects. Current examples of Exempt level research at ICC inlcude anonymous assessment activities.

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Student Right to Know: The College designated the IR Office as the department responsible to ensure that all students have access to student consumer information.  Student Consumer Information is available by clicking the Student Right to Know link at the bottom of every website page and/or by contacting the IR Office by phone at 620-332-5419 or by email at

The National Community College Benchmark Project (NCCBP) was established by The National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute at Johnson County Community College in response to requirements for inter-institutional comparisons and in order to standardize a nation-wide benchmark reporting process. 251 two-year institutions from across the United States participated in NCCBP for the 2016 administration. Independence Community College began its membership with NCCBP in 2012 with data collection coordinated by the Office of Institutional Research.