Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees

  • In-district: $83.50/credit hour (Tuition: $48.50; Fees: $35)
  • Out-of-District: $92.50/credit hour (Tuition: $54.50; Fees: $38)
  • Border State (Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri): $100/credit hour (Tuition: $62; Fees: $38)
  • Out-of-State: $132.50/credit hour (Tuition: $94.50; Fees: $38)
  • International: $184/credit hour (Tuition: $146; Fees: $38)

Additional Fees

  • Technology Fee: $10/credit hour
  • Facilities fee: $3/credit hour
  • On-line Course Fee: $30/credit hour
  • Hybrid Course Technology Fee: $15/credit hour

Approximate Cost for Room and Board

  • Housing:
    • Pirate Bay Villas $4750/10 months
    • Captains Quarters $2450/10 months
  • Meals: $2500/10 months

Approximate Cost for Books and Supplies

  • ICC offers a textbook loan program through the ICC Bookstore
  • Per Academic Year spending on consumable books and supplies: $200

Approximate Cost for Transportation and Personal Expenses

  • Per Academic Year: $2,000
  • Per Academic Year spending on personal expenses: $1,000
For information regarding the costs associated with specific academic programs, please refer to the program’s page on the College’s website.